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“Having an integrated communication system with the flexibility to scale, full mobility support to move around, and complete accessibility to our corporate resources from satellite offices was critical. That is why we chose Orego Solutions services.”

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Bioserve Clinical Research Pvt.Ltd


The Phoenix Octopus Conferencing Mixer utilizes Beamforming microphone array technology, provides unlimited daisy chain capability, and allows for multiple connectivity options all in a single, easy to install box. The Octopus gives the ability to mount microphones and speakers anywhere in the room (ceilings, walls, and table tops). It comes standard with USB and RCA connectors for VoIP and Video Codec connectivity, with the option of adding a PSTN (analog telephone) interface or a digital telephone interface. The Phoenix Octopus can be ordered with an optional 40 watt, 4-output amplifier for powering speakers. Each Octopus unit has four microphone inputs, each of which can be set for Mic (3V or 24V Phantom available). Each of the four inputs can be set to participate in the Beamforming process, or designated as a unique Auxiliary or Sound Reinforcement channel.
The Octopus utilizes Phoenix Audio’s proprietary Beamforming algorithm. It performs echo cancellation, noise suppression, and de-reverb filtering to rid the send signal of unwanted echo and reflected sounds.

The Octopus is designed for easy installation and setup, therefore the microphones are mixed automatically utilizing a sophisticated Beamforming Mixer algorithm. This means that the octopus will assess the signals picked up by all the microphones, and decide, instantaneously, which one will take part in the mixing and with what level of emphasis (weight). At any point any number of microphones can take part in the mixing, from a single microphone to all of them – the unit will make the assessment automatically and will control the mixing parameters.

The Octopus can connect to a Video Codec through the RCA jacks (standard), an IP link through the USB jack (standard), and to a telephone (digital or analog) through and optional telephone interface. When ordering your Octopus, you can choose to add one of two telephone interfaces in the front (Digital OR Analogue). An Octopus unit can also come with an optional 40 watt, 4-output amplifier in the back, for powering speakers (regardless of the setup). Please refer to the list of additional options below for more information about customizing your unit.

  • Digital Phone Interface

  • Provides a connection to your digital phone through the headset port, eliminating the need to have an analog connection. This option is ideal if your office or conference room currently has a digital phone line.

  • PSTN Phone Interface

  • Provides a single line PSTN (analog phone) connection along with the standard Octopus interfaces. This option is ideal if your office or conference room currently has a single line PSTN (analog) phone line.

  • Power Module2

  • This option is independent of the type of additional interface added (or not added). The power module is placed in the back and is a 40 watt, 4-output amplifier for powering speakers. This option is ideal if you want to connect the Octopus to speakers without using your own amplifier.