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IP Surveillance Cameras

IP Surveillance Cameras

IP surveillance is a security system of IP cameras and video servers, which connects seamlessly with the intranet and internet related digital services including Wi-Fi, 3G or GPRS access connection.

IP CCTV Cameras are similar to analogue CCTV Cameras in features and functions but offer a far superior picture quality and other benefits. The two main benefits of choosing IP cameras are Resolution and Scalability


Analog cameras have been around for more than 60 years. In that time the cameras have changed, but the transmission of the signal has stayed the same. An IP camera will use either CAT 5 or CAT6 cable both of which are designed to transmit much higher rates of data. IP cameras have processors built into the camera. They are converting and compressing the video feed before sending it to the recorder.


IP cameras will connect to a network (most likely through a switch) and from there the data is collected by the NVR through software. There is no direct connection between the NVR and the cameras. There is also no physical limitation in terms of how far a camera can be from the NVR

Types Of IP Cameras

  • IP Cube Cameras ( For small and medium premises)
  • IP Box Cameras ( Indoor / Outdoor )
  • IP Bullet IR Cameras ( Outdoor / Indoor)
  • IP Speed Dome Cameras (Indoor / Outdoor)
  • Wireless Cameras
  • P.O. E Cameras