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“Having an integrated communication system with the flexibility to scale, full mobility support to move around, and complete accessibility to our corporate resources from satellite offices was critical. That is why we chose Orego Solutions services.”

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Networked VGA Grid

Networked VGA Grid

The Networked VGA Grid combines inputs from up to 64 network-based VGA Grid HD Encoders™ with a single VGA Grid Concentrator™ to synchronize, capture, record and stream audio and video from a wide range of sources. This high-powered, scalable solution captures high definition sources (resolutions up to 1920×1200) from devices located anywhere on the same Ethernet/IP network. Record and stream the inputs individually and add specific sources to multi-source layouts with custom backgrounds, logos, and time-stamping.

Key Features:

  • Capture at HD resolutions (1920×1200) with VGA/DVI/HDMI™ and SD resolutions with S-Video
  • Up to 64 HD and 64 SD sources and up to 64 analog 3.5 mm stereo audio
  • Capture displays and cameras from anywhere with access to your IP network
  • Supports VGA/DVI/HDMI and S-Video display sources
  • Stream up to 64 1080p channels at 30 fps
  • Synchronize and time-stamp streams
  • Manage the 4U Grid Concentrator and VGA Grid HD Encoders centrally from a web interface
  • Control and operate locally or remotely from anywhere on the same network
  • VGA Grid HD encoders have built-in audio and HD video splitters
  • Support for simultaneous streaming clients or publishing to CDNs
  • Create multi-source layouts with backgrounds and logos
  • Simplified troubleshooting of remote sources via the web interface

VGA Grid Concentrator

This 4U chassis system synchronizes, records, streams and creates multi-source layouts for data captured and encoded by a maximum of 64 networked VGA Grid HD Encoders. Configure HD Encoders from the Concentrator interface and use its internal network time protocol (NTP) server to ensure all HD Encoders are properly synchronized.

VGA Grid HD Encoder

VGA Grid HD encoders are small, silent, audio/video encoders that capture and encode video from DVI/VGA/HDMI and S-Video and 3.5 mm audio from locally-attached sources. The data is transferred over the network to the VGA Grid Concentrator for recording, streaming, and re-encoding in multi-source layouts.