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VGA Splitter

VGA Splitter

High Quality Active Splitter with built in booster amplifier and ground loop isolation.

Key Features:

  • Splits an incoming VGA cable into a fault-tolerant pass through VGA output and one ground loop isolated VGA output
  • Integrated ground loop isolation circuit reduces picture noise in a VGA stream
  • Designed to meet the needs of 2048 x 2048 displays in ATC/ATM control room applications
  • High Bandwidth (1 Ghz) VGA signal preservation protects VGA output signals in a noisy environment, without any loss in picture quality, resolution, power or additional loading on VGA cable length

Epiphan’s active VGA Splitter GLI™ has a high-bandwidth 1 GHz signal amplifier that taps the incoming VGA source and splits it into two VGA outputs. There is no loss in picture quality, resolution or power and no additional loading limitations on VGA cable length.

Advanced users can also create multiple VGA output port complexes by daisy chaining two or more VGA Splitter GLIs together to create various combinations of fault-tolerant and ground loop isolated ports.

This product is ideal for applications in noisy signal environments and multi monitor applications where the quality of the split VGA signals are critical.