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Thank You for your support extended for testing compatibility of Aethra V.C. Equipment at our customer location with Our VC solution. It was connected in just an hour, with your support. That brought a great smile on everybody’s face there.We were struggling last 2 days to get it connected.

You have really done a wonderful job or else we might have lost this order on technical grounds.

Once again I appreciate the efforts taken by you and for providing prompt solution on time.

Project Manager-Enterprise Voice
Sify, India

VidyoHealth™ - Next Generation Telemedicine Solutions

Extending the reach of healthcare

Today’s medical professionals want to harness the power of Vidyo™ for high-quality video communication for telemedicine, patient care, investigative research and other programs. Vidyo eliminates the access, performance and cost issues of traditional systems that require expensive MCU equipment and dedicated QoS networks. Welcome to new world of video communications and collaboration with amazing quality, broad accessibility and unprecedented affordability, with Vidyo™ solutions for healthcare.

Vidyo provides hospitals, specialized medical centers and physician clinics with low latency telepresence-quality video conferencing from any mobile, desktop or room-based endpoint over the Internet. Central to the VidyoConferencing™ system is Vidyo’s patented Adaptive Video Layering Architecture, which leverages the reach and availability of the Internet to connect healthcare professionals their with patients.

Vidyo delivers end-to-end encryption, provides HIPAA-compliant security, and easily integrates into existing healthcare environments with support for a variety of medical devices and interoperability with existing conferencing infrastructure. The Vidyo™ for Healthcare Solution includes the industry’s richest and most versatile video collaboration platform with an Application Programming Interface (API) and a Software Development Kit (SDK) to video-enable third party medical devices such as cart systems and smart rooms.

Vidyo for Healthcare Applications:

  • Patient physician consultations
  • Remote patient diagnostics
  • Remote surgical consult
  • Tele-stroke and tele-neurology
  • Behavioral health
  • Tele-home care and home health care
  • Remote physician-specialist consultations
  • Resident and Intern training and education
  • Patient-family member interaction and collaboration
  • Geriatric home health care
  • Speech and Language Therapy