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"By partnering with Orego Solutions, we're taking the guess work out of the equation and providing organizations with an integrated solution for delivering a world-class solution to a variety of point-to-point & point-to-multipoint wireless solutions."

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Lotus Wireless Technologies India Pvt.Ltd.
Small and Mid-Sized Enterprises

VidyoOne™— VidyoConferencing for Small and Mid-Sized Enterprises

VidyoOne™ is specifically designed for small and mid-sized enterprises that want a comprehensive solution with everything needed to deliver telepresence-quality desktop video conferencing. VidyoRouter™, VidyoPortal™ and all of the components required to enable up to 100 users and ten concurrent video user sessions are built into this easy-to-deploy package delivered on a single 1U appliance at a very affordable price. VidyOne makes it easy and cost-effective for any organization to deploy a VidyoConferencing™ solution.

VidyoOne is based on the same award-winning Adaptive Video Layering Architecture that provides low latency telepresence-quality video communications across the Vidyo™ family of products. The powerful capabilities and ease of use of VidyoRouter™ and VidyoPortal™ are combined in VidyoOne to provide robust, seamless connectivity among conference participants with individualized screen layouts, over general data networks and the Internet.

Just connect VidyoOne to your network and everyone in your organization will be communicating and collaborating more effectively from anywhere they have an Internet connection.