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"Having an integrated communication system with the flexibility to scale, full mobility support to move around, and complete accessibility to our corporate resources from satellite offices was critical. That is why we chose Orego Solutions services."

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Service Providers

The global convergence of Internet, video and mobile technologies and the drive for business agility and productivity has set the stage for explosive growth of video conferencing as a service. In this business, service providers who can deliver the most natural communications with the highest quality video will delight their customers and differentiate their services. The significant demands of video communication are addressed by Vidyo' Adaptive Video Layering Architecture, which delivers low latency telepresence-quality video conferencing without requiring expensive networks with complex QoS capabilities.

Vidyo: the inventor of any-to-any personal telepresence

While room-based video conferencing was the predominant deployment model of the past, traditional solutions are costly to scale, dependent upon expensive QoS networks, and require resource reservation for successful meetings. Vidyo™offers a better way. The Vidyo Adaptive Video Layering Architecture combines intelligent adaptive video resiliency and the H.264 Scalable Video Coding (SVC) standard to create the first low latency telepresence-quality multipoint video communication solution to be delivered to virtually any Internet-connected device, anytime and anywhere. Using Vidyo™ APIs, Service Providers can integrate these capabilities into their existing business logic and leverage Intelligent Network peripherals in their existing service infrastructure to ramp up quickly with Vidyo as a service offerings. Tap the power of the Internet and off-the-shelf hardware and operating systems with Vidyo, and deliver natural, face-to-face communication for every customer and every conference session.

The VidyoConferencing™ solution allows service providers to create and offer private or public hosted video conferencing solutions, or to seamlessly blend public and private enterprise cloud services securely to expand the number of addressable participants and enhance the value to end customers. This is especially important as enterprises make increasing use of video communication and collaboration to increase knowledge sharing and productivity among employees and other stakeholders. Video conferencing is moving beyond the conference room to desktops and rapidly proliferating on mobile devices.

Vidyo's Service Provider Cloud Solution scales by creating a distributed VidyoRouter™ network. The number of subscribers that can be supported can easily be expanded by deploying more VidyoRouters. Moreover, as VidyoRouters aggregate and localize video traffic so that each participant's video is transmitted efficiently rather than being duplicated unnecessarily, Service Providers benefit from network efficiencies across their distributed WAN and backbone networks.