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“Having an integrated communication system with the flexibility to scale, full mobility support to move around, and complete accessibility to our corporate resources from satellite offices was critical. That is why we chose Orego Solutions services.”

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Bioserve Clinical Research Pvt.Ltd
VidyoRouter™ - Smart Router for Video Conferencing

Telepresence-quality video without boundaries

At the heart of the VidyoConferencing™ system is VidyoRouter™, the first technology to deliver low latency HD-quality video conferencing over the Internet and 3G/4G wireless networks to room-based PCs and mobile devices.

VidyoRouter’s Adaptive Video Layering Architecture dynamically monitors network performance, processing power and display capability for each endpoint device and dynamically optimizes resolution, bit rate and frame rate. As a result, each conference participant receives the highest quality video that his or her device is capable of receiving at any point in time. This patented, intelligent endpoint and network awareness, combined with H.264 SVC, delivers the highest quality, most natural video communication experience over the Internet and general data networks. Unlike MCU-based implementations that require expensive proprietary hardware and specialized networks, VidyoRouter is deployed on off-the-shelf hardware to deliver unprecedented affordability.

Affordable scalability in the cloud

VidyoRouter Cloud Edition introduces a new level of scalability, efficiency and cost-savings for distributed video deployments supporting remote or mobile workers. With VidyoRouter Cloud Edition, video conferences can flow across multiple VidyoRouters for unprecedented scalability. Traffic is localized at each VidyoRouter to eliminate redundant transmission of video streams and conserve WAN bandwidth resources. VidyoRouters aggregate the video transmissions among themselves to optimize video routing and further reduce bandwidth demands on the network.

VidyoRouter Cloud Edition addresses security by easing firewall traversal. VidyoRouters can be deployed on a protected LAN, in the DMZ or via public Internet. VidyoRouters deployed on both sides of a corporate firewall can be securely interconnected using simple static routing rules. This approach offers tremendous cost advantages compared with the proprietary hardware and costly licensing schemes required by MCU-based solutions. With Vidyo, public and private clouds are blended securely, cost-effectively, and without performance impact, delivering the same telepresence-quality experience to users on the corporate network and Internet-connected remote users.