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Thank You for your support extended for testing compatibility of Aethra V.C. Equipment at our customer location with Our VC solution. It was connected in just an hour, with your support. That brought a great smile on everybody’s face there.We were struggling last 2 days to get it connected.

You have really done a wonderful job or else we might have lost this order on technical grounds.

Once again I appreciate the efforts taken by you and for providing prompt solution on time.

Project Manager-Enterprise Voice
Sify, India
VidyoPortal™ Web Based Video Conferencing Software

Centralized simplicity, control and scalability

VidyoPortal™ provides a complete Web-based video conferencing environment that empowers users to manage their contacts and room settings while providing IT staff with centralized administration capabilities. Connect easily with colleagues for face-to-face communication with the click of a mouse button, an intuitive user interface and a familiar names-based directory. When it comes to scalability, VidyoPortal’s architecture has the capacity to support hundreds of thousands of users.

VidyoPortal offers flexibility and control for administrators at all levels. Super administrators can manage the operational aspects of video conferences, in addition to configuring, managing and scaling the entire VidyoConferencing™ system including Vidyo™ endpoints, infrastructure and end user licenses. With individualized multi-tenant support on a single physical device, super administrators can configure tenant and global settings, and exercise full administrative privileges. When partitioned for multi-tenant use, VidyoPortal can make each tenant appear as a private portal, or enable visibility and communication between specific tenants. Tenant administrators can add, delete and manage users, set up public rooms and groups, and define maximum participants and bandwidth for users.

Highlights of VidyoPortal Administration:

  • Set system-wide parameters and policies
  • Establish end-user and association privileges
  • Control and customize user conferencing capabilities
  • Manage concurrent end user licenses and enable “follow-the-sun” models to save licensing costs
  • Assign user groups and tenants to VidyoRouter™ pools to optimize bandwidth usage and network delays
  • Assign users to groups and manage their permissions
  • Configure LDAP/Active Directory integration

One-click simplicity and flexibility for end user collaboration

  • Guest link allows non-credentialed users to join a conference without special equipment
  • Users and guests can join a meeting using meeting links
  • Users can invite guests via default email client
  • Additional participants can be added on the fly
  • Pin codes can be created for restricted meeting access
  • Frequently-used contact lists can be created and maintained
  • Users can moderate their own meetings with easy-to-use controls

VidyoPortal security features include: secure sign-in from an HTTPS web browser, all signaling links secured by TLS, and all video streams through the VidyoRouter secured through SRTP and encrypted for the duration of the call using the AES 128 standard. VidyoPortal is accessible from popular web browsers including Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox.