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Thank You for your support extended for testing compatibility of Aethra V.C. Equipment at our customer location with Our VC solution. It was connected in just an hour, with your support. That brought a great smile on everybody’s face there.We were struggling last 2 days to get it connected.

You have really done a wonderful job or else we might have lost this order on technical grounds.

Once again I appreciate the efforts taken by you and for providing prompt solution on time.

Project Manager-Enterprise Voice
Sify, India


HD video conferencing on everyday mobile devices

VidyoMobile™ delivers telepresence-quality multipoint video conferencing on iOS or Android based smart phones and tablet devices. As an integrated endpoint in the VidyoConferencing™ solution, VidyoMobile delivers much-needed error resiliency and low latency video communication for today's increasingly mobile enterprises. An intuitive interface and simple commands make it easy for VidyoMobile users to participate and share data with other mobile, desktop or room system endpoints.

VidyoMobile Benefits:

  • Easy installation with an intuitive user interface
  • Decode up to 720p and encode up to VGA quality
  • Real-time low latency natural interactions
  • Customizable screen layouts including preferred speaker and continuous presence
  • Data and application share viewing options with integrated layouts

Vidyo's patented Adaptive Video Layering Architecture enables VidyoMobile to provide telepresence-quality video conferencing over general data networks. Through this architecture, video streams are dynamically optimized to provide the best quality video based on both the capabilities of the mobile device and the performance of the wireless network. To achieve this, the VidyoRouter and VidyoMobile client work together, continuously monitoring video quality and network performance to make real-time adjustments to the video streams.

VidyoMobile integrates seamlessly with all Vidyo™ endpoints including VidyoDesktop™ and VidyoRoom™ systems as well as H.323 and SIP endpoints using the VidyoGateway™.