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Thank You for your support extended for testing compatibility of Aethra V.C. Equipment at our customer location with Our VC solution. It was connected in just an hour, with your support. That brought a great smile on everybody’s face there.We were struggling last 2 days to get it connected.

You have really done a wonderful job or else we might have lost this order on technical grounds.

Once again I appreciate the efforts taken by you and for providing prompt solution on time.

Project Manager-Enterprise Voice
Sify, India

Interoperability with existing deployments

The tremendous power of video to improve workforce collaboration and productivity has sparked growing demand for next-generation technology that supports telepresence quality, scalability and value. Vidyo™ recognizes that companies may have made prior investments in traditional MCU-based systems, and offers the VidyoGateway™ to bridge traditional systems with next-generation VidyoConferencing™ and extend HD-quality multipoint conferencing from room systems to desktops.

The VidyoGateway connects H.323 and SIP videoconferencing endpoints and MCUs from many vendors including Polycom and Cisco, to interoperate seamlessly with Vidyo’s breakthrough Adaptive Video Layering Architecture and Vidyo™ endpoints.

Along with H.323 and SIP signaling, VidyoGateway supports H.264 and H.263 video compression, and H.239 data sharing. The VidyoGateway will also support H.235 for encrypted media. Two models – the standard VidyoGateway and the VidyoGateway MK-II – help optimize price per H.323 or SIP port based upon deployment configuration and capacity requirements.

For more information on the VidyoGateway download the data sheet.